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Experience Packages

Mini Session | Standard Session | Premium Session | Group Session

Whether I’m shooting with a graduating senior, an aspiring model or a loving family, exercising my skillsets within portrait photography has become my lifestyle. I enjoy working mostly with teenagers and young-adults as it seems a little easier for me to connect with them while also allowing them to be as comfortable as possible. My ‘Experience Packages’ offer a custom-tailored photo session strictly oriented around your creative ideas, along with the game plan we collaborate on. 

When constructing the “Experience Packages”, I generally like to expand on my clients ideas or interests. In a set environment, I capture the moments that fill my clients with joy, such as the feelings they may express when approaching their favorite pizza spot. I aim to capture these sessions with sense of a journalistic approach, sorta as if I were a fly on the wall, while also offering posing guidance when needed. With families, I generally like to capture an album that gives the viewer a ‘slice of life’. I do so by chasing those moments where the family interacts the most. Some questions I may use to get a general idea fall along the lines of— What do you all love to do as a family? What are some of your favorite dishes to cook together? Do you all have any activities that you enjoy doing the most? I am very big on making sure everyone’s vision or requirements are met. 

I do not want you to go though the trouble of choosing your favorite images from our photo session, I’d rather give them all to you! Yes, that’s right. For a small fee, all high-quality images from the shoot will be included in your session's album! For this to work, I carefully observe the best or clearest images to arrange them into a ‘story-telling’ album that complements your Experience. 

To book your appointment, you must pay a 50% deposit of your total session fee to save your time slot. The deposit fee and/or booking fee is non-refundable. If you are 15+ minutes late for your photoshoot, it will be cancelled. Two reschedule dates may be assigned, if necessary.

Available for purchase—

Unedited Photo Album: $25

1 SanDisk 32GB USB FlashDrive: $15


Wall Art Canvas




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